SINCE 1988

Computune offers full service computer support for business. A sole proprietorship started by George Burdick in 1988, Computune helps business owners manage office technology. I specialize in computer systems and networks running Windows 98, Windows 2000, and Windows XP, as well as establishing Internet connections and email. More information can be found here.

By providing service on as "as needed" basis, my clients enjoy the benefits of having a computer professional available to them 7 days a week, without the expense of a full-time support specialist. My clients typically require my services on a weekly or monthly basis. With telephone and online support, I can solve many problems and answer questions without requiring a visit to your office. As I get to know my client, I can better assess their present and future computung needs. Call Computune anytime or email me to arrange a free intitial consultation.


As a computer support professional, it is my job to keep current with the latest in computer technology. As a computer enthusiast, it is my interest also. My computing experience on a professional level includes installing and maintaining over one hundred computers, frequent hardware upgrades, and setting up and maintaining office networks to share email, files, and printers among office personnel. I evaluate the great variety of computer components for my clients based on extensive reading of industry news, and based on experience using a product.

Troubleshooting a PC is more important than ever as more professional offices and small businesses come to rely on their computer systems to operate smoothly. Maintaining numerous computers on a regular basis exposes me to many common computing problems, and some not-so-common ones, and helps me to keep up with ever changing hardware and software issues involved in computing. One of my most important functions is troubleshooting, i.e. solving hardware problems, finding a way to add one more peripheral, and keeping the network and Internet connection up and running.